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With more than 25 years of experience in residential and commercial insulation.

Dhaliwal Insulation is a British Columbia based company specializing in commercial and residential insulation. Since 1993, we have been in the development of many major residential and commercial projects throughout British Columbia. Our very experienced and knowledgeable workforce together with our effective management team has enabled us to maintain client strong relationships, deliver high standards of workmanship and industry compliance. Over this time, Dhaliwal Insulation has developed a strong reputation for completing projects of high quality, within time and budget and showing commitment to its customers needs.
By hiring our expert insulation services, you can make a difference in how well your home is heated. You’ll also protect yourself and your family members or employees from contamination that can occur when insulation is removed improperly. By using a high-powered vacuum, we get rid of insulation in way that is safe and efficient. You never have to be at risk for contamination.

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